What is Edge?

Edge is simply a monthly IT related "newsletter" (if you really have to label it!), brought to you by Secure Services & companies. We hope to keep you informed about the latest trends, news and views from the IT world, which are posed to directly or indirectly impact on you or your company. We promise to be an easy, fun and quirky read, because IT is not a world full of boring technical people, who are too busy to stay updated because they are busy saving costs for companies and/or being super heroes against IT theft! *BREATHE*

Enjoy our maiden edition!

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Secure Services Group is celebrating its 15 years in business this financial year 2019-2020. To serve Africa efficiently, Secure Services (Mauritius) Rwanda Ltd was launched in 2018.
Level Achieved by Secure ServicesWhat it really means
/campaigns/org696629516/sitesapi/files/images/696652941/fortinet_gold.JPG  Gold Partner 
(The only Gold partner in Mauritius & Rwanda)  
  • We deliver the full spectrum of Fortinet’s solution set
  • We have certified Engineers to assist with any breadth of implementation or optimisation needs
  • We are recognised for our superior customer service and support capabilities 
/campaigns/org696629516/sitesapi/files/images/696652941/Citrix_Gold.JPG   Gold Solution Provider
(The only partner in Mauritius to hold GOLD status)  
  • We have high level of expertise and commitment to one or more Citrix technologies. 
  • We have a proven record of skills and experiences to accompany you in your digital transformation
  • We work closely with Citrix to successfully deliver Citrix solutions to customers 
/campaigns/org696629516/sitesapi/files/images/696652941/nutanix_master.JPG  Master Partner
(The only Master partner in Mauritius and Rest of Africa) 
  • Extensive experience in Data Center Virtualisation
  • Optimise your Infrastructure life cycle management
  • Multi-Cloud Management and Security


In this section we share some updates from our preferred suppliers a.k.a Specialists of their field. Should any of the below items intrigue you, SSG is always at your disposal to clarify or advise you accordingly.

Nutanix Mine:A datasheet

Nutanix, gives you the freedom to choose with Nutanix Mine. Embracing an open platform strategy, Nutanix Mine is a turnkey solution from Nutanix that integrates with popular back-up solutions, including those from Veeam, HYCU, Commvault, Veritas, and Unitrends. Know more →

How big tech is dragging us towards the next financial crash

It has been more than a decade since the 2008 financial crisis. Back then, banks were the “too-big-to-fail”. Technology companies, by contrast, have led the market upswing over the past decade. But this time around, it is the big tech firms that could play the spoiler.Enjoy the long and thought provoking read →


1st Autonomous Operating system here...

Oracle launches Oracle Autonomous Linux, claiming to be the world's first autonomous operating system, that provisions itself, scales itself, tunes itself and patches itself while running. Read more about the defining technology of second generation cloud→

Private & Confidential

We cannot stress enough to clients on the importance of being DPA and GDPR compliant, if you are still pondering over it, well read onto know what coming for you! Word to wise: just get in touch with us and we will sort it out for you…

Facebook, who is already facing lawsuits in USA over information sharing with the likes of Cambridge analytics, has been ordered with another fine, this time from Turkey (the country of course!). Get some more details by reading on…

Sneak Peak into the future

5G, AI,IoT, Big Data, RPA, Cloud computing and Cyber security & Resilence. Understanding the 7 biggest technology trends that will transform Telecoms in 2020 →

Green & Prosperous : GP

There is not enough being done for the betterment of our planet and other species. This light read section covers some innovative and/or commendable actions being taken by our peers in the global IT sector. Here’s to applauding them and finding our bit of inspiration to follow some great steps to be Green & Prosperous.

Amazon promises net zero carbon emissions by 2040


Amazon will be using 100% renewable energy company wide by 2030, and net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. CEO Jeff Bezos commits following amass ‘walk out’ by employees. Know more about the ‘climate strike’ and its impact… 

Cisco & partner look out for the rhinos


South Africa in 2015 estimated that rhinos, an endangered species, were being killed by poachers every eight hours. Find out how Cisco and one of its partners, Dimension Data are stepping up to improve the situation.

Blast from the Past
November 10, 1983 
Microsoft formally announces Windows, a graphical user interface for Microsoft DOS-based systems. Bill Gates promises that Windows will ship by April of 1984. However, in true Microsoft fashion, Windows 1.0 doesn’t actually ship until November 1985. While Windows 1 and Windows 2 saw limited usage, it wasn’t until Windows version 3 that Windows began to see widespread acceptance.

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